White People Don’t Tell Me What Black People I Can Talk To!


Maze Jackson

Just the other day I had the opportunity to attend a high-profile political event and it was interesting to say the least.  All the political big wigs were in the room and based on how some of them were looking at is me, it was apparent that someone had told them what “Maze Said.”

“Good!” I quietly said, “hopefully someone will do something about it!” I thought to myself.  I was optimistic until I approached an old friend to take a picture and he said, “I love what you do, don’t stop, but I can’t take a picture with you…I might get in trouble!?!?”

Trouble?!?!  I thought to myself… for what, better yet from who?  So I asked him had I lied about anything?  Perhaps I was spreading some misinformation?!?! Nope he assured me that I had told the truth, which further baffled me!  Why would he be scared to take a picture with me for telling the truth about what is being done to our people?

Taking that one step further, why was he more scared of this mythological figure outside of our community, than the people he was elected to represent?  That was a pretty disconcerting thought, that he was more fearful of a white guy from another neighborhood than the people  he lives among that elected him to represent their issues!  How does that work out for Black people?  Not very well as we can see by Black participation levels in state business.

Well here’s the deal…there are a lot of us that are tired of being scared and have decided that no white man who ain’t never loved us will decide which Black people BLACK people get to talk to!  And to the Black people who let white people pick your friends…just know you are not special.  Get out line…tell too much truth and the same white people will be telling our people they are in trouble for talking to you!

White people don’t tell me who I can talk to, and if they do you have to ask yourself why?!?

And if you don’t like it you can tell them Maze Said!



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