What’s in It for the Black People?

WHAT’S IN IT FOR BLACK PEOPLE? This question is the litmus test through which we as BLACK people must view every aspect of our collective lives, if we want to thrive in this country. To change the game, we must be dispassionate to the needs of those outside of the BLACK community until they can satisfactorily answer the question, WHAT’S IN IT FOR BLACK PEOPLE?


So many times, proposals, plans and propositions are presented to us, AFTER the work has been done. They can plan for the building, the parking, and even plan the beautification, but when do THEY plan for the Black people, And when they bring the plan, it’s for the so-called “community.” Well Black people need to separate ourselves from the so-called “community” and start asking specifically, “WHAT’S IN IT FOR BLACK PEOPLE?”

Just imagine, if EVERYBODY, and I mean EVERYBODY that came into OUR community, whether it was to open a business, get a vote, do a project, or open a school had to answer the question, WHAT’S IN IT FOR BLACK PEOPLE, how different THE BLACK COMMUNITY would be?

But who is REALLY willing to ask, WHAT IS IN IT FOR BLACK PEOPLE? The answer should be everybody! So many times when I am at high profile events, BLACK folk are more interested in selfies and appearing intelligent than asking the essential question. When someone like me ask, “WHAT’S IN IT FOR BLACK PEOPLE?” Everyone gets scared and offended.

Well “WHAT’S IN IT FOR BLACK PEOPLE should be the starting point when anyone comes asking Black people for support for anything, and its EVERYBODY’S responsibility to ask.



So the next time you’re at an event, meeting, or gathering and someone is seeking what appears to be the support of the Black community, before you go into a long winded soliloquy, remember to ask, “WHAT’S IN IT FOR BLACK PEOPLE?” If they can’t demonstrate contracts, jobs, investment, and targeted community development, there are no more questions necessary, and everything else they are talking about should fall on our collective deaf ears.



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