Is the U of Chicago hypocritical for funding youth activists while it’s own police department is accused of racial profiling?

Once again, the University of Chicago Police Department finds itself in the controversial position of being accused of racial profiling against the residents of the community it is assigned to patrol.  Apparently the data backs those claims up.  Among other things, the report found:

African-Americans make up approximately 59 percent of the population in UCPD’s patrol area but 93 percent of UCPD’s field interviews, as the investigatory stops are called when the person is on foot. Read the full story here.

That has to be troubling for Black youth activist movements  such as BYP 100 and others that receive a significant amount of funding from the institution.  While local Black youth activism has always been present in Chicago, the recent string of murders of unarmed Blacks gave those organizations a renewed sense of purpose.  Locally, when the LaQuan McDonald dashcam video was released, it was those same organizations that took to the streets and led the charge for police reform in CPD.  That resulted in the firing of Garry McCarthy, a new IPRA chief, and eventually a new police superintendent.

But now with their funders’ own police department under scrutiny, will they attack the U of C police with the same fervor?  I guess we” see how well the U of C invested those dollars.

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