What Men Said When Six Brown Chicks Asked “How To Love A Black Man?”


Maze Jackson



On Saturday, April 9, Six Brown Chicks hosted a panel discussion entitled, “How To Love a Black Man” at the Black Women’s Expo.  Moderated by Brown Chick Gina B., the panel feature six of Chicago’s most interesting Black men discussing what it takes for Black women to get and keep a Black man in today’s society.

Questions were submitted online via social media and live at the seminar.  The topics covered everything from who pays, to sex on the first date, to relationship roles.  Things got hot when the topic of interracial dating came up, and the brothers gave it to the sisters in the raw.  Sometimes things got a little intense, but overall, the men provided the women with real information, even if it wasn’t what they wanted to hear.

If you are looking for a frank conversation on Black relationships, this is a video you do not want to miss!