Is Self-Resegregation the Answer?

The word segregation conjures up all types imagery in the minds of Black folks.  “Whites Only” water fountains and lunch counters, police dogs, Bull Connor, the images are stark and by all accounts we as Black people have come a long way, only to end up precariously close to wear we started.  Yes, Black people have been on a 50 year, 360 degree journey back to a place where we are the lowest on America’s totem pole.


Am I suggesting that we go back to an era where the color line was strictly enforced but the harsh rules of Jim Crow?  Not at all, but I am suggesting that Black people consider retreating into our own communities and become more self-reliant.  During a time when the country continually reminds us the black lives do not matter, it seems like we are continually asking the government and other communities to “help” us or do the “right” thing, to no avail.  So I am suggesting that instead of continually asking someone to treat us right, that we do it ourselves.

I am starting to believe that it may be better for our community as a WHOLE, if we were forced to live, work, and play with each other, regardless of economic level, because it would raise the standards f the entire community.  Quite frankly, living in Chicago, segregation really never ended in socially or residentially.  Desegregation did occur economically, because as consumers Black people got the ability to spend their money with all races as long as we returned to our community.

We have enriched EVERY race but our own in our pursuit of equality.  At least when we were segregated, we had OUR own banks, merchants, restaurants, entertainment, economy, and our own system of accountability.  Now, all of that is gone and we are left with unemployment, crime, and murder.

Maybe self-imposed segregation might not be such a bad thing…as long as WE are making the choice.





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