Should the Chicago Pay for Employee Gender Reassignment (Sex Changes)?



The Chicago Sun-Times reported that the City of Chicago is finalizing a plan to cover gender reassignment (sex changes) as part of their healthcare plan. As we continue to discuss the pension issue, school closings, and a budget mess, the city announces sex changes are a priority?  This morning on The Matt McGill Morning Show on WVON 1690AM – The Talk of Chicago,  The Maze Jackson Social Media Question of the Week was:

“Has the LGBT agenda trumped the common sense agenda? Why is the city even discussing gender reassignment (sex changes) in the midst of the pension crisis we claim to have?”

What do you think?  Should the City of Chicago insurance cover sex changes?  Is that a moral issue or is it just a new age medical issue that we need to get used to?  If so, I think the City should the city pay for breast augmentation, tummy tucks, and booty lifts?  What do you think?





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