Black People Need to Get the F#%! Off of Bill Cosby


Maze Jackson

Cosby and his alleged victims (photo courtesy of The Wrap)
Cosby and his alleged victims (photo courtesy of The Wrap)

Let me begin this post with the fact that I think rape is wrong, no means no, and we should not blame victims of rape.  You are right, a woman should have the right to go to a man’s hotel room, butt naked, at 3 am in the morning, to talk and SHOULD have be able to go home in one piece.  As a matter of fact she should be able to walk naked through that room and no one should assume that she is there for sex.  There, I’ve gotten that out of the way.  La La land requirements fulfilled, now to the reality of LIFE.

Let me also say that somewhere in these sordid tales, I believe some rape did occur, but I also believe there were some willing participants as well.  I believe it because I heard the “Spanish Fly” skit, but I also heard a lot of people laughing and clapping. Because the skit was recorded in 1969, during an era of free love, I assume that putting drugs in drinks was common practice for the time period.  Am I saying everyone did it?  No, but I am saying that some people did it and it was part of the celebrity, Hollywood lifestyle of the time period that was marked by the phrase “sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll.”  I honestly believe that early on in Bill’s career, he was introduced to and rolled with a crew that participated in that lifestyle.

I also think drugged up girls was his “thing,”  like S&M or other fetishes people have, and it became a regular part of his sexual routine.  Initially, it probably began as a party thing, but eventually became the norm.  Over time, I think Cosby got arrogant and lazy.  By arrogance I mean that he assumed that he was “The Great Cosby” and anyone would give it to him, which is why we hear so many people say, “he didn’t have to take it,” but that’s all the more reason he may have actually taken advantage of some women.  So many said yes, he probably could not fathom anyone telling him “no.”  As far as lazy, I believe it went hand and hand with his arrogance, pills were part of his version of foreplay, he just stopped asking and assumed that everyone wanted pills.  It sort of like when the man used to spend time getting a woman worked up, but now he just goes straight for the sex.

Do I think 90% of those women would have given Cosby the a$$ if he asked?  I certainly do…but like most men, once he got used to getting the a$$ on the regular, he skipped the foreplay and went straight for the cookies!  My bet is that he got away with it for all of those years because the women went to his room for some exchange, but they did not get the exchange the way they wanted it (which was their choice as women) so they settles to avoid the embarrassment of having to explain why they went to his room, knowing he was married, at obscene times of night.  They took the checks and made it all go away.  Was Cosby wrong? NO doubt, no excuse…just pay for what you want how you want and be done.  There are no shortage of women who would have happily participated for much less with no drama.

Bill Cosby is going to catch hell for the rest of his life deservedly so.  White people are going to pick his bones clean, so my question is, why do Black people need to participate?  Right now they are trying to remove Bill Cosby’s legacy, but if they do where will that leave us a people?  You see White American can’t afford to let Bill Cosby get another run in our living rooms.  The last time he did that, he had all of America viewing itself through the lens of a successful Black family.  HE had White people wanting to be Black.

Bill Cosby made the entire country recognize that #blacklivesmatter before there was a such thing as a hashtag.  During the era of the Cosby Show, White people would have envisioned Trayvon Martin as Theo Huxtable.  It would not have been so easy to dismiss his murder.  Bill Cosby made the Black family human.  Not to mention all the money, resources, and inspiration he has provided for Black people.  Think about how many of us saw ourselves in college because of A different World.  Cosby created A Different World for Black people in America.  Remember that before you join the lynch mob.

Bill Cosby has done wrong, and he will pay for it…but he has given so much to Black America, do we need to stand in line for a pound of flesh too?



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18 Replies to “Black People Need to Get the F#%! Off of Bill Cosby”

  1. Right words for this time, I refuse to be a part of a lynch mob to destroy a man that has inspired a country. Praying for his sin. And also praying for full restoration.

  2. You have a typo in your “About Maze Jackson” section. You wrote: “I hope to inspire, though, debate, and understanding from the perspective of a hip-hop kid all grown up.” Did you intend to write “though”???

  3. Are YOU PEOPLE SERIOUS! ?!? Acknowledging Criminal Behavior Isn’t Attacking an Innocent Man…. By his Own Words, He is a Rapist…..
    The Fact that you think there are 2 sides to this… Warns Women Not to Accept a drink From Your Asses Either!!!

  4. Exactly! I feel the same exact way. You know damn well most of those women were at studio 54 the night before doing all kinds of drugs and getting into all kinds of mess. That was the culture of the time, he just couldn’t let bad habits die. He’s dead wrong as well as all the men in all of history who have done the exact same thing but haven’t been caught-should that negate all the positive things they have done??!!!!! Please! Grow the uckfa up!

    1. wow there are some Twisted people on this platform of discusion. their moral outlook is pretty Eroded when it comes to someone elses life they dont know. interesting. this is an observation of what is, not a judgement . just observing the facts of what is spewing out of the minds of certain ones.. I’m sure they will be cognitive dissonace with some who read this=denial of and justify of how they themselves think..Interesting.
      If someone is arrogant enough to believe they can Do ANYTHING to another person and not feel bad about it, They will, Especially if fame came w/the mix. ..These Human ones down there. They some stranges creatures …. animal lover..animals are by far more trusted than the human spiecies. Ha!

  5. NO Mention of Holly Madison, Hugh Hefner’s ex, detailing how Hef offered her quaaludes as recently as the 90’s and told her they were “leg openers.” In context Cosby’s behavior may not be unusual but we’ll never know cause no one else is telling on the directors, casting agents and other celebs and their proclivities and abuse and they won’t, a scapegoat has been chosen and he’s roasting nicely!

  6. So your saying it was ok to rape these women because he was black, famous and living the lifestyle…

    I’m sure if it was a white man who was accused of the same thing you would want to lynch him and put him on blast… I say if he raped anybody make him serve time… If he raped more than one woman then he is a repeat offender and needs to have some type of punishment… So what, that he was a household name… Rape is a criminal activity making him a criminal… But don’t put down a black man no matter how effed up he is… Get real people…

  7. Anyone who supports rape is a loser. Moreover, I think the lesson learned here is that the collective “We” should not have Hollywood dictate our role models.
    There is no level of explaining away his behavior. I wonder what Cosby’ position would have been if this had occurred to his own daughter?

    1. Funny you mention that!
      Bill Cosby’s daughter claimed she was beaten and raped by Mike Tyson and under Bill’s guidance, she did not report, he told Tyson to get therapy (he didn’t) and then sold his daughter’s story about being addicted to drugs to the tabloids because they were about to print stories about Constand (the Temple student) and her lawsuit.

      So yeah. What a great Dad,on top of being a rapist.

  8. You can’t excuse something as vile as rape. The president got a blowjob from a willing participant and he got kicked out of office. Bill Cosby should be in jail he raped women. It doesn’t matter how successful he was or what he did 20 years ago other than the fact that he was raping women while he was Dr Huxtable. While The Cosby Show with inspiring people he was raping women. This is what we want to teach our children of any color? That as long as you’re successful and you inspire people that you can rape?

  9. No no no. I don’t care how many assumptions you want to make into the culture of the time, it was 100% wrong and he needs to be held accountable. In fact, he needs to be held MORE accountable by his own people. So what if Roman Polanski got away with it? Black people need all of the positive role models we can get, which means we cannot afford to “settle” for someone with clay feet (eff that, Cosby’s feet are more like quicksand at this point). Letting him slide because of his “contributions” (you mean like the “pound cake” speech where he basically spouted every white stereotype white folks have for us?) not only sets a dangerous precedent for young black men, it continues to de-value the lives and well-being of young black women and the little trust they have left in their own communities.

    Sorry, I burned my cape for him months ago.

  10. Great, you are black so you should know how it is to be abused. Still, because you are a man you think women deserve it or something.
    How about solidarity with other victims of structural abuse? Think again, a**hole.

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