ABC 7 Political Reporter Charles Thomas Tells Maze Jackson Black People “Don’t have a seat at the table.”

When ABC 7 Political Reporter Charles Thomas agreed to appear on The Maze Said Radio Show and Podcast on, I knew we were in for a treat. Charles Thomas always keeps it real when he is reporting the news on Channel 7 so I expected it to be interesting. But what I didn’t expect was that Charles Thomas would set the record straight on everything from Governor Bruce Rauner, labor unions, and Black politicians. Our discussion was lively, spirited, and informative.

I knew things were going to be good on the car ride over, as Charles Thomas hopped in the car, shades on and ready to talk. We shot the breeze about everything from friends, family, the state of Black media, to favorite Snapple flavors. When we got to the studio, we headed to the Green Room where Charles Thomas shared his thoughts on last week’s guest, former Cook County Board President Todd Stroger. Click the photo to see a replay Charles Thomas behind the scenes Mazevision interview on Periscope.


Once the show went live, Charles Thomas stayed on a roll from beginning to end. Charles Thomas definitely had a lot to say about Illinois politics. In my estimation the outlook was not good for Black people. I knew it when I asked him my famous question, “What’s in it for The Black People?” and he answered “We don’t have a seat at the table!” That stated, if you want to get the real scoop on what’s going on in Springfield and in Chicago politics, download The Maze Said Radio Show and Podcast on iHeart Radio right here.



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